School Administration

Principal is the head of the institution. He is an active member of the armed forces and is of the rank of Colonel or equivalent of the three services. He is assisted by the Vice Principal who is of the rank of Lt Colonel or equivalent and acts as Incharge trainining and Academics,OC NCC unit.


School administartion is looked after by the Administrative Officer who is of the rank of Major or equivalent of the armed forces. The administration of the school including housing, messing, medical coverage, school finance and maintenance are looked after by him/her.


The school administration is overseen by the Local Board of Administartion which is led by Chief of staff  HQ 09 Corps and its members.The Principal of the school is the Member Secretary of this Board. The other members normally are two senior government official and two eminent educationists, all nominated by the State Government/ Govts.  In case of schools catering to more than one state, the Member of Parliament is elected from the constituency in which the school is located, and a parent, duly elected every year amongst the parents of the boys studying in the school. The staff members are, however, not eligible to become parent representative in the Local Board of Administration. The Local Board of Administration meets at regular intervals to review the working of the school, to consider and recommend its budget for approval by the Board of Governors and to approve measures considered necessary for the improvement of the school.