NCC Activities

Aim of NCC activities is to prepare the cadet academically and physically for entry into NDA and other walks of life. NCC training is an integral part of this school training programme.Parades, Range Firing, Community service are conducted on regular basis. Training Camps, Adventure activities, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Water Sports courses are planned every year for the cadets. Adventure related activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking, water sports etc. are the most essential activities that are routinely undertaken by this school to foster leadership qualities among the cadets who are being trained as future officers.NCC cadets are issued with Uniform and Kit for training purposes. They are also entitled to various scholarships, contact/exchange programme subject to fulfiling prerequisite conditions. They are awarded NCC `A` certificate on completion of their training.


Staff Strength

(a) OC Vice Principal (Wg Cdr Jaskaran Singh Parmar)
(b) ANOS 01 ARMY & 01 NAVY
(c) PI STAFF 02
(d) CLERK 01
(e) STR 489 (Enrolled) (Classes From VI to XI)

Participation in RD Parade

Participation in RD Parade

1. Cdt Manish Dhiman in 1996 2. Cdt Peeyush Anand in 1997
3. Cdt Deep Singh in 1999 4. Cadet Kunal Sharma in 2000
5. Cdt Mayank Negi in 2001 and adjudged the 2nd Best Cdt, RD 6. Cdt Udhay Thakur in 2001
7. Cdt Lavish Dhiman in 2002 8. Cdt Varun Gupta in 2002
9. Cdt Mayank Negi in 2003 and adjudged Best Cdt, North Directorate 10. Cdt Girish Bhardwaj in 2003
11. 06 cadets (Band boys) participated in the RD parade, New Delhi in 2003. 12. Cdts Aditya Kumar Singh (2002) and Abhishek Sharma (1956) participated in 2006.
14. Cdt Prikshit Sharma (1969) in 2007 15. Cadet Anand Prakash (2231) in 2008 and adjudged Best Cdt, in Punjab, Haryana & HP
14. Cadet Aditya Gargya (2637) in 2008 15. Cadet Vipul Chandra (2250) in 2008
16. Cadet Tanuj Mandiyan (2392) in 2009 and adjudged Best Cdt, in Punjab, Haryana & HP 17. Cadet Aditya Kumar (2389) in 2009
18. Cadet Aman Negi (2463) in 2010 and adjudged Best Cdt, in Punjab, Haryana & HP 19. Cadet Rajat Thakur (2474) in 2010
18. Cadet Abhishek Bhandari (2564) in 2011 19. Cadet Shivam Jaswal(2624) in 2011
20. Cadet Ravi Raj(2679) in 2012

21. Cadet Sanu Kumar (2805) in 2013

22. Cadet Anmol Kanav (2863) and Cadet Parish Chauhan (2930) in 2014. Cdt Parish Chauhan was adjudged Best Cadet.  

 Mountaineering Expedition : Cadet Ankush Sharma (3235) and cadet Ashutosh Singh of class XI participated in All India Sainik Schools Mountaineering Expedition from 29 May to 18 June 2015. They scaled Mount Deo Tibba Peak in Manali region of Kullu district in HP with the height of 6001 mtrs and reached the top of the summit on 12th June 2015.  A total of 34 cadets from 15 Sainik Schools participated in this expedition as part of advanced mountaineering trekking.