Hobby Club

Clubs in the school have been introduced to foster and develop aesthetic sense and hidden talents of an individual. It helps to create interest and brings about the best within themselves and develops their self confidence. Clubs that are functioning in the school are :

Eco Club

The school has an active and enthusiastic eco-club. It’s called the “Green Army”. It has  student members  from all classes and two teachers in charges named Mrs. Neelam Dhiman and Mrs. Indu Dhaiya. The eco-club develops awareness in the school  about environmental issues. All cadets are made aware of how their activities impact the environment and their own quality of life.




Art Club

Art ClubIn Art Club students learn the basics of Art. Although, the club is not aimed at creating professional artists yet it aims to create different forms of art and provides knowledge of colours, light-shade etc. The club also organizes exhibitions, displays paintings and sketches which have been highly appreciated by the visiting dignitaries.


Photography Club

Photography ClubPhotography club is unique and has its own charm. A person who enjoys the beauty of nature can capture those moments in his camera. Cadets are trained to carry out the following activities in the club :

(i) To handle and operate Camera

(ii) To get photographs with good backgrounds


Astronomy Club

Astronomy ClubThe main objective of the Astronomy club is to make the cadets aware of scientific study of all the planets other than the Earth (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Plato, Moon and Stars). The students collect latest information regarding various missions in respect of Solar System. The club has two Astronomical Telescopes and two binoculars.

Trekking Club

Trekking ClubTo cater for the aptitude of the cadets in diverse fields, trekking club is the most fascinating and adventurous club. It not only widens the spectrum of the cadets’ knowledge towards flora, vegetation, historical forts and places but also exposes its members to a greater adventure to rough out the rigours of plodding through torturous ways with a sense of regard for nature. Outdoor recreational activities inculcate the spirit of cooperation, social adaptability, self reliance and discipline and thereby promote National Integration

Literary Club

Literary Club

  • To prepare and train the cadets for public speaking.
  • To harness the gift of gab which otherwise without opportunity remains unexplored.
  • To promote managerial spirit in the cadets by entrusting them the responsibility of conducting and organizing the activities.
  • To instill in the cadets aesthetic sense, love for knowledge and literature.Usually one or the other contest is held every fortnight among the students in which individual as well as team participation is allowed. Various literary activities such as declamation, debate in Hindi and English, Quiz, Essay Writing competition are held frequently. The competitions are held amongst various Houses. The club endeavors to accord maximum opportunities to its members to drill up all the four skills viz. listening, speaking, reading and writing. School cadets have been participating in Quiz, Debate and Declamation contests conducted by CBSE, IPSC and State Board and have secured appreciable positions.
  • Motivational movies are screened on Sunday & Holidays through Cable Network/School projector.