NDA Training

At Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, we groom our students to be future leaders in the Armed forces. The school motto, ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ is followed in all activities. In academics, the school follows CBSE curriculum. Stress is laid on learning through exploration. For this, an enabling environment for students has been created. Our staff is available around the clock to guide and remove any difficulty a student may face in his quest for knowledge. The school has the required infrastructure including computer based training for use by its teachers.

The bulwark of leadership is a strong personality with a sound Character. From sixth standard onwards, our students are inducted into self development and community living. The journey begins from weaning away from psychological dependence on his parents. The next stage involves initiation into leadership roles under guidance. Students subsequently evolve to consolidate individual qualities of head , heart and physique in Secondary classes, by becoming productive members of school community. At senior secondary level, cadets are associated with administrative and school functions, thereby gaining exposure to various leadership roles.

The school conducts over 49 co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities in the form of competitions in an academic session. In addition, over 100 matches in various group games such as football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, and handball are conducted in a year. These activities contribute towards deciding the most coveted end-of-session Inter House Competition Trophy, i.e. the Sudhir Walia Trophy.

NDA Preparation

NDA preparation for UPSC exams commences from March along with entry of students to class XII. The preparation includes syllabus coverage for NDA exam, along with mock tests and quiz competitions specific to NDA exam. The school takes up preparation for SSB training soon after the written exams are over. Group Discussions, Lecturette, Debates and current affairs are conducted regularly. Training on Ground activities include group tasks, Individual tasks, Group planning, and Practice on a full fledged Obstacle Course at this school.

Till date the maximum number of cadets who joined NDA are 356. Cadets who joined OTA/IMA/AFA/AIR FORCE TECHNICAL COURSE are 66.

Sudhir Walia Trophy

NDA TrainingThe Sudhir Walia Trophy is decided on the basis of the activities of the school which are broadly classified under three categories namely Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. The primary activity comprises of academics and NDA and carries a weightage of 50%. The secondary activity consists of sports (major and minor games) and has a total weightage of 30%. The Tertiary activity consists of all other Co-Curricular activities and contributes 20% of the total weightage. The school has 09 clubs namely, Art, photography, astronomy, trekking, literary, science, mathematics, sports and Eco thereby developing creative hobbies amongst the cadets.